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"Weaponized Baseball" Code Breaking Contest

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Want to prove to the world how smart you really are?

Crack the Weaponized Baseball Code Breaking Challenge and you can get free shirts and books plus something even more important: bragging rights forever proving to your friends that really are a smarty pants!

Sherpa Multimedia is proud to announce a code-breaking challenge this baseball season that lets sports fans feel like they are living a real-life version of The DaVinci Code.

Solve the three (3) codes, send in your answers and you'll be eligible to win our Bag O'Swag prize including shirts, books, and more from Sherpa Multimedia and the folks at The Super Fins.

Throughout Weaponized Baseball, secrets, revelations, tips, and tricks are shared with the reader that will help them solve three (3) coded messages at the back of Weaponized Baseball. To compete in the challenge, simply solve the three messages at the back of Weaponized Baseball and you earn a C.I.A. award (Certificate of Intelligent Achievement) to post on your Facebook page (or anywhere you want) proving to the work you code-breaking success.

Every person who solves all three (3) coded messages will automatically be entered into a drawing. The winner will be randomly selected and will receive a Sherpa "Bag O' Swag" that will include:
• signed copies of both Weaponized Baseball and The Cubs Quotient
• a t-shirt from The Super Fins™
• a "smarty" t-shirt similar to the one worn by the author in the video
• and more!


The official page for the Weaponized Baseball Code Breaking Challenge has more details and copies of the three (3) coded puzzles you must solve.

Good luck!



What they’re saying …

One of the most intriguing titles I’ve ever seen! … Hundreds of books have bee written about baseball, but never one that has revealed things about geopolitics!
Scott Sloan ─ radio host, Cincinnati's WLW 700 AM

Baseball fans should really check this out  (Weaponized Baseball). It is fun … and will definitely make you ask more than once, how was that able to really happen?

Gregg Kersey ─ MLB.com book reviewer

[Weaponized Baseball is] Like pulling up a bar stool and losing yourself in a fascinating conversation with the guy at the end of the bar. A few hours later you can’t believe the time has gone, but will remember the stories always! Another great read from Scott A. Rowan.

Amazon Review ─ from verified purchase (Patrice C.)

[Weaponized Baseball] a really enjoyable read, even for someone who is not a sports fan. … A must read!

Amazon review ─ from verified reader (Dragica B.)

There are thousands of Cubs books written, but this book, The Cubs Quotient, is the most unique … It’s fascinating!

Bob Sirott ─ WGN 720 AM

The Cubs Quotient is not only an entertaining read, it shows baseball for what it sometimes can be – a gateway to a larger world.”

Bob Costas ─ NBC Sports


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