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Launching of 4leggers.com!


Oct. 21, 2016

Sherpa Multimedia is proud to announce the launch of our latest news site: 4leggers.com.

A sister site to TheSuperFins.com, 4leggers focuses upon land-based mammals of all sizes, from pets like dogs and cats to wild animals in all regions from the Rocky Mountains to the Serengeti. Your one-stop location for stories of the cool/gross/weird variety as well as news, research updates and tips on how to track animals of all sizes based on the tracks, markings and scat.

Between 4leggers (land) and The Super Fins (water), Sherpa Multimedia is now two-thirds of its way through the overall plan of having stories, news, video and other fun ways to learn more about animals all over the planet. The final stage will be the launch of Flocked.com, that will reveal cool/gross/weird stories and news about birds of prey and other winged animals.

Sherpa Multimedia is your guilt-free guide to edu-tainment, where all of our news sites, books, and videos are as educational as they are entertaining. Give a gift of humor and education, allow your children and/or grandchildren to browse any of our sites or products without worrying about questionable content. From Al  Capone to elk rut season to the secret methods orcas use to hunt great white sharks, Sherpa Multimedia has something for everyone.