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About Us

Located in Chicago, Sherpa Multimedia is an independent publisher that creates genre-bending projects which educate as much as they entertain, engaging readers with traditional books that use GPS, video and audio elements to provide multiple ways to enjoy each book. Sherpa’s mission is to make learning about various science-related fields as much fun as they are fascinating to discover.

Whether it’s using sports to teach social science (SportOfHistory.comThe Cubs Quotient, Weaponized Baseball), cartoons and news sites to share biology and zoology (TheSuperFins.com, 4Leggers.com, Flocked.co) or using Sherpa’s own GPS invention, GeoVerse®, to help guide readers to exact locations in real life where history and stories occurred, Sherpa Multimedia is your guide to guilt-free edu-tainment.

Sherpa’s fiction stories are selected specifically for their ability to be turned into films, television shows or unique podcasts.

Sherpa is always looking for new projects so please contact us if you have something in mind.

More about GeoVerse®…

Sherpa is the exclusive home of GeoVerse® – Don’t Just Read a Book, Live it! GeoVerse® is a 21st-century creation that uses GPS to allow readers to actually experience in real life sections from the book they are reading. GeoVerse® works with your e-reader or smartphone, just click the hyperlinked sections and more information will appear, including personalized directions to the exact spot from your current location. Other GeoVerse® entries include video and audio selections that can be enjoyed anywhere.