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Albert the Orca Explains Echolocation to The Super Fins

Albert the Orca Explains Echolocation to The Super Fins

Illustrated by Jim Siergey

Written by Scott A. Rowan

Sherpa Multimedia is proud to announce the debut of the first book from The Super Fins®:

Albert the Orca Explains Echolocation to The Super Fins illustrated by Jim Siergey and written by Scott A. Rowan introduces the world to The Super Fins’ correspondents and their friend, Albert the Orca®. In this story, Albert reveals to Whiskers the River Otter® that echolocation is a special ability whales and a few other mammals possess that is like having a GPS system in your head. Readers learn how Albert and his friends use echolocation to find their way in the dark, avoid threats, and detect prey they cannot see.

Fully animated and written in classic comic book style, Albert the Orca Explains Echolocation to The Super Fins explains complicated aspects of the animal kingdom, animal anatomy, and scientific principles in easy-to-understand and fun storytelling. With more than 100 illustrations, this book offers visual explanations of complex topics that bypass barriers
of spoken language, educational level, and age.

Mama Orca®, Toro the Bull Shark®, and Scampi the Shrimp® join Whiskers and Albert in this story. In future stories, readers will meet the rest of The Super Fins – Cinca the Sea Star®, Portly the Porpoise®, and Sheldon the Snapping Turtle® – will reveal stunning animal superpowers by introducing readers to more aquatic friends. Look for more stories soon. (Hint: the next friend loves ink!)

What's The Super Fins?

The anchor of Sherpa Multimedia's animal news sites is TheSuperFins.com, a one-stop source for all things aquatic from breaking news to Cool, Gross & Weird© trivia tests, feature stories, videos, audio files, and much more. A digital playground for animal lovers, TheSuperFins.com is one-third of the trio of animal brands created by Sherpa Multimedia with 4Leggers.com and Flocked.co offering news and interactive activities for land-based mammals and birds, respectively. Mirroring the vast resources that TheSuperFins.com, 4Leggers.com, and Flocked.co provide is SportOfHistory.com, a sports and history site that takes an unusual look at global history.

  • Paperback
  • 11 x 8.5 inches
  • 32 pages
  • full-color
  • 100+ images
  • $14.95




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