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COMPANY PROBLEM: Triumph Books needed to increase exposure of individual titles without hiring more people or expanding the humble department budget.

SOLUTION: Created monthly newsletter that highlighted activity of publisher’s celebrity authors, books and events.

IMPACT: The newsletter was an immediate hit with journalists in several countries, including some areas that were unexpected.

  • All external communications (press releases, website pages, etc.) we rewritten to take advantage of Search Engine Optimization. Under our new SEO-driven language, we replaced “book signings” the term “Celebrity Appearances” and likewise we gave each interview with a media outlet a specific city and team mention (example: “New York City listeners were stunned to hear what Walt Frazier had to say”).
  • Upgraded company site to include password-protected area designed for journalists that increased exposure more than 300% because we encouraged reporters to take more than on media copy of a book for free
  • Newsletter created a first for the company: international sales. Due to individuals forwarding the digital newsletter to colleagues and friends, Triumph Books had sales in Wales, England, Japan, Australia and Brazil that would never have occurred otherwise.
  • MailChimp was used to distribute the newsletter.