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Weaponized Baseball:
Declassified, Withheld Stories Reveal Baseball's Hidden Role
in Geopolitics, International Military Action, Mental Manipulation,
Mass Distraction

  • $24.95, hardbound
  • ISBN:978-0-9895003-2-6
  • 256 pp

Allow baseball to be your guide through civilization, revealing hidden stories about how the sport altered the world and helps explain the universe. Everything from the origins of the cosmos to Custer’s Last Stand are discussed in ways no sports fan, historian or scientist have revealed as extensively as in Weaponized Baseball.. More ...

The Cubs Quotient:
How the Chicago Cubs Changed the World

  • $19.95, paperback
  • ISBN:  978-0-9895003-0-2
  • 372 pp

Discover hundreds of ways the Chicago Cubs altered human civilization from White House scandals to contemporary religion and medical science to organized crime. You will never look at Al Capone, American politics or the modern world the same way again. More ...



God's Highball

Enjoy this 21st-century ghost story with a twist: why do all ghost stories seem to involve only white people? And why are the stories always old ones, decades or centuries in the past? And if ghosts are created out of horribly traumatic events that ended a person's life unexpectedly, then why aren't the bad parts of town haunted by ghosts all the time? More ...

Knuckles or Not

Al Capone altered countless lives. None were altered more than that of Seamus. None counted less than that of Seamus. Unless, of course, you factor in Rory or Megan. Capone didn't cry for them. Neither did The Camel. Some fights need gloves to protect their hands. Other fights have no gloves and nobody is protected. Either way, when Snorky and The Camel are involved in the fight, everything matters, knuckles or not. More ...


There are plenty of unusual characters roaming the streets of Chicago, but when one woman becomes the object of obsession by a deranged man everything takes a turn for the worst. You can leave the city, but sometimes the city will find you. Even in your quiet suburban home. Written in the spirit of William Faulkner's Sanctuary, "Lust" will send shivers down your spine and make you wonder: who is that stranger that keeps looking at me? More ...

The Holiday Office Party

Not all parties are fun and games. Every December, coworkers around the world are subjected to forced socialization that bosses and office managers refer to as the "office party." But if most supervisors knew what their subordinates thought of having to sacrifice their own free time to spend an evening with colleagues they quietly despise, management would probably alter its annual plans. Welcome to the world's worst holiday office party where simmering feelings boil to the surface with raucous and hilarious results. More ...

You've Forgotten Something

Gershon knew what felt right. She also knew what felt good. She learned the difference between the two from Eli and Brad. Love can surprise us, inspire us to do things we never thought we would do. Gershon learned that too. She surprised herself at what she was willing to do and with whom. More ...