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What is GeoVerse®? How can I live a book?

GeoVerse® is the latest evolution in book publishing that helps readers take the reading experience to places it has never been by guiding them to locations in the real world. Each book powered by GeoVerse® contains sections that allow readers to learn more about a specific topic through either online video and/or audio or, by using a GPS-enabled device (Global Positioning System), they can be guided to a location in the real world that corresponds to the section.

Created in conjunction with teachers seeking to make learning more enjoyable and publishers seeking to enhance the book-reading experience, GeoVerse® works with traditional printed books as well as ebooks.

Scattered throughout each GeoVerse®-powered book are coded entries set apart from the text by parentheses that begin with the name GeoVerse® and are followed by a  number — for example, (GeoVerse®286). In the ebook version of a GeoVerse® book, the reader merely needs to click the hyperlinked entry. The hyperlink will open up the GeoVerse® page at SherpaMultimedia.com that corresponds to that coded entry. On that Web page the reader will find a hint about what the entry is or where it is located and either a video to watch, audio to hear or a pair of GPS-friendly files that can be used with any smartphone or GPS device to guide the reader to the location in the real world. The pair of GPS files each contain the same information but allow the reader the choice of how he or she wishes to experience the location in real life: either via a Google Map that offers instant directions on any GPS-enabled handheld (smartphone, iPad, etc. Note: not all Kindles are loaded with GPS software) or a GPX-coded file that can be downloaded and synced to any traditional GPS device (Garmin, Magellan, etc.) for later use.

For a traditionally printed book, the reader merely needs to go to the GeoVerse® page at SherpaMultimedia.com (SherpaMultimedia.com/GeoVerse) and scroll down to find the code for the entry in question.

GeoVerse® is a complementary and enjoyable way to extend your learning experience beyond the printed page. You decide how much you want to participate, or even at all. You can easily skip right over the GeoVerse® entries and continue reading if you have no interest in viewing any online videos, listening to any online audio or being guided to locations in the real world. Or you can experience GeoVerse® after you’ve finished reading the book. Or you can enjoy each GeoVerse® entry as you come across them in the book. It’s your choice.

GeoVerse011: Babe Ruth’s “Called Shot” home run (VIDEO)

GeoVerse022: Mordecai “Three-Finger” Brown Monument

GeoVerse030: John Dillinger’s Last Hideout

GeoVerse041: Last Steps of John Dillinger

GeoVerse056: National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

GeoVerse063: Out of Left Field

GeoVerse077: Cloud Gate & Lakefront Park

GeoVerse084: Beyond the Vines

GeoVerse091: Al Capone & Gabby Hartnett (VIDEO)

GeoVerse101: The Hotel Carlos

GeoVerse111: Valentine’s Day Massacre

GeoVerse122: Green Mill Cocktail Lounge

GeoVerse133: Lee Elia rant

GeoVerse144: Cap Anson’s Last Gift

GeoVerse155: William Hulbert’s Big Ball

GeoVerse166: Start of Global Sports Manufacturing

GeoVerse177: Spalding’s Worst Idea (PHOTO)

GeoVerse188: Slide, Kelly, Slide!

GeoVerse199: Hey Hey Holy Mackerel

GeoVerse200: Men In Blue

GeoVerse210: Mongo’s Ejection

GeoVerse220: Billy Sunday in Action

GeoVerse230: Eddie Waitkus Shooting