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God’s Highball

Short story

Enjoy this 21st-century ghost story with a twist: why do all ghost stories seem to involve only white people? And why are the stories always old ones, decades or centuries in the past? And if ghosts are created out of horribly traumatic events that ended a person's life unexpectedly, then why aren't the bad parts of town haunted by ghosts all the time?

The Oak Street Jumper will change your ideas of who and what a ghost is. Ripped right from Chicago's headlines, "God's Highball" reveals a modern-day ghost story that leaves everyone shaking - but for very different reasons. Why does the ghost of a young black man in a Bulls jacket scare the most powerful people in Chicago so much? You'll find out.

Be but careful: you just might learn that phantoms are, indeed, very real, very deadly and they walk among us every day; they may not be ghosts, but they're the untouchable all the same. And they can turn your future into a living nightmare.