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Sherpa Multimedia in need of some stock images that will be used in a variety of ways for The Super Fins®. The first characters that we need stock images of are for Toro the Bull Shark© and Sheldon the Snapping Turtle©. In order to determine the illustrator(s) we will work with we are asking prospective candidates to use the information and characters sheets below to draw one original image of either character and submit it for review. Your drawing is to be line art, not a rough sketch and it can have the character in any pose you desire so long as it is NOT one of the poses below (we need an artist who can create from scratch, not print and trace an image once). What we are looking for is that you can replicate the characters in any pose. We have several dozen stock images we are going to need that require the characters to be standing, sitting and pointing in different directions and/or holding specific items (such as a microphone).

We will only select one artist to work with (maybe two) so that there is consistency in the images that are created. This is a short-term project that, for the right artist, could be a lucrative way to make $$ in a short time. For the artist(s) that we pick, we will pay them $10 for every stock image they create. Given the fact that we have a need for many images, the illustrator will have the chance to make a nice pile of cash in a short period of time (if their turnaround time is fast).

More details:

  • You can send in line art for either animal or both, it’s your call. If the best illustrator handles both animals, that’s great. If we end up with one artist handling only one character, that’s fine too. It’s really dependent on what the illustrator can create.
  • Art must be line art, not rough sketches that are difficult to see
  • The art should fill up at least half of an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. The larger the better because we want to be sure and see some details (for example: did you include the “stubble” on a shark’s face known as Ampullae of Lorenzini?)
  • email your submission to: CHANGE [at] SHERPAMULTIMEDIA.com
  • include at the very least “character submission” in the subject line (plus character’s name if you only submit one)
  • age limit: there is age limit on this at all, we don’t care how old or professionally-trained the artist is we will base everything on work. A talented high schooler who can draw what we need is as valuable to us as a seasoned illustrator with decades of experience. The proof is in the final product that the artist submits.
  • Deadline for submission: Feb. 12, 2016

Toro the Bull Shark©
As a bull shark, Toro can go anywhere: saltwater or freshwater, which is why he is the leader of The Super Fins. Toro’s personality is equal parts Ron Burgundy and Walter Cronkite. He thinks he’s funnier than he really is, and his producer, Scampi the Shrimp©, is always cringing from the horrible puns Toro makes. Much like Clark Kent, Toro wears glasses which he removes dramatically when he says his catchphrase line: “By my Ampullae of Lorenzini, I sense something SUPER!”

Specifics about Toro:

  • Ampullae of Lorenzini are the small black dots that appear on the head of a shark, making the shark appear to have a five-day beard growth. The Ampullae of Lorenzini are vital to sharks, so it’s important that dots are rendered to reflect their existence
  • Toro wears a necktie, never a bowtie (color of tie will vary)
  • Though bull sharks are dangerous, Toro is always positive, uplifting and happy
  • It is important to notice that a bull shark’s head is blunt, not rounded like many sharks. That blunt head is why the species was named BULL shark, because with that flattened front end, bull sharks are known to hit their prey as hard as bull charging into something (or someone) and that initial blow is enough to cause a swimmer to drown, before bull sharks take a bite of them

Toros Three (2)

Toro Emotions (1)

Sheldon the Snapping Turtle©
Sheldon is the oldest of The Super Fins and he is never eager to go anywhere. His personality is the same as an old man who would rather sit on the park bench rather than go for a walk. Shel has seen it all in his old age and invariably no matter what species he is talking to, Shel knows the parents or grandparents of just about every animal. That’s what happens when you’re as aged as Sheldon.

Some specifics about Sheldon:

  • As a correspondent (reporter) for The Super Fins, Sheldon always has his microphone with him
  • He always wears glasses
  • Though he is grouchy, we don’t want to focus on that aspect of his personality because he’s grouchy from being old and sore, not because he doesn’t like others
  • Shel can be pictured standing on two hind legs or four legs (we need both – he’ll likely be posed standing or on all four depending on how tall or short the object is he’s standing next to)

Sheldon (2)

Sheldon 3-Way (1)

Sheldon All Fours (1)

Sheldon Facials (1)