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Imprints / Sites

Part of Sherpa Multimedia’s 21-st century publishing approach is the creation of many sister news sites that allow writers, editors, illustrators, photographers, and storytellers of all variations to become involved in our edu-tainment projects. Sherpa is dedicated to creating entertaining publications of all forms that explain the various realms of science and the world in fascinating and fun ways with a particular focus on social science, marine biology, zoology, geology, global myths and journalism. We have  more sites in production so please check back soon to learn more!


The Super Fins

Begun in 2006 and launched in 2015, The Super Fins® is the world’s first animated, aquatic news network. Created to explain complicated topics in easy-to-understand ways, TSF has something for everyone. For younger aquatic enthusiasts, we have our cast of cartoon characters who help children understand and enjoy science. Guided by news anchor Toro the Bull Shark and his trusted producer Scampi the Shrimp, TSF’s correspondents scour the oceans, seas, ponds, lakes and waterways of the world to find the most fascinating stories. Each TSF correspondent covers a different aquatic beat so no matter if you’re fond for ponds or have emotion for the ocean, if you like the water, then The Super Fins has something for you. The Super Fins are:

  • Toro the Bull Shark (anchor)
  • Scampi the Shrimp (producer)
  • Sheldon the Snapping  Turtle (ponds, streams & marshes)
  • Whiskers the River Otter (rivers, shoreline, brackish water and open ocean)
  • Cinca the Sea Star (estuaries, reefs)
  • Portly the Porpoise (open ocean)



Discover everything you wanted to know about any land-based mammal walking on four legs from answers to all your dog questions to cat tips and learning how to identify wildlife of all sizes from the pika to the elephant.

Filled with more than 1,000 feature stories, FAQs about cats/dogs, and all the research material any outdoorsman could want, 4leggers.com is a great site to learn about camping tips, hiking locations and the closest hidden dog park.




Fun and fascinating, Flocked.co (no “m”) is filled with hundreds of feature stories, news, tips, and fact sheets about the most amazing species in the birding realm.

Echoing the edu-tainment approach for water-based and land-based animals that sister sites TheSuperFins.com and 4leggers.com, respectively, share with readers, Flocked.co is built for any enthusiast looking for feature stories, any amateur learning about birding and any students doing research on birds. Was the penguin a prehistoric apex predator? Why do birds fly into planes? What’s behind the increase in electrocuted birds? Find out the answers to those questions and much, much more at Flocked.co.


Sport of History

Love sports? Find history interesting. Discover all the ways your favorite team, player, coach and sport altered real moments in global history. From wars launched to revolutions ended and pioneering firsts in everything from medicine to religion and crime, SportOfHistory.com is a great way for sports fans to learn bragging rights about their favorite teams that will win any argument.

Launched in 2015 as sportsHX.com and rebranded in 2017, Sport Of History is the most enjoyable way to discover the truth behind some of the biggest moments in human evolution. Whether you’re a sports fan or a history buff, you will be stunned to learn the sports record held by Adolf Hitler or how baseball permanently altered White House politics.


Cool, Gross & Weird!

Throughout all the books published by Sherpa Multimedia readers will find special sidebars that offer factoids and brief snippets of fascinating facts that are cool or gross or weird.

Often they’re all three. So we call these sidebars Cool, Gross & Weird!© The best of these CGW!© entries are all gathered in one place at CoolGrossWeird.com, where readers are stunned to learn about the worst shark attack in history, how The Mob was invited into MLB dugouts by a team manager and much more. The next lunch break you’re killing time online, check out CoolGrossWeird.com. You won’t regret it.