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Interactive Playground

Part of the appeal to Sherpa Multimedia's catalog of products is that we offer more free material online than we sell in stores. No matter whether you're interested in sports trash talking or talking about trash in the oceans, Sherpa has hours of online games, puzzles, tests, video, audio and snark-e-cards for you to play with which is why we call them our family of digital playgrounds. We're always adding more interactive material to enjoy so check back again soon!

GeoVerse® - Don't just read a book - live it! The original interactive hybrid between digital playgrounds and traditional publishing, GeoVerse allows readers to experience in real life moments from their favorite book. The Cubs Quotient: How the Chicago Cubs Changed the World has 23 GeoVerse entries spread throughout the book. If you have the ebook, just click on the hyperlink and the GPS directions to the exact spot where that moment happened will appear on your device, guiding you from the place where you are to where the historic moment happened. Other GeoVerse entries in The Cubs Quotient include videos, audio and other multimedia experiences for readers. GeoVerse turns any book into a way to get off the couch and experience the real world, using your favorite moments, people and events to discover real places in the world. Equal parts history book, sports fan's dream, tour guide, and multimedia playground, The Cubs Quotient is the first of many GeoVerse powered products to be published by Sherpa Multimedia.

Don't like sports or history, but want to experience digital playgrounds? 

No problem! Sherpa Multimedia has nearly a dozen digital playgrounds online and in the works that share games, puzzles, coded messages, videos, audio, and more on everything from camping tips to marine biology and some good, old fashioned sports-based trash talking. 

The next time you're looking to kill time at work during your lunch break or you're trying to get your homework done, check out our digital playgrounds below that are free and offer hours of guilt-free fun because everything you experience is as educational as it is entertaining. Enjoy!

The Super Fins® has several playgrounds published and in the works that offer the world's most unusual way to learn marine biology, zoology, and other science-based facts from the aquatic realm.

Learn to understand whales talking, watch videos and other cool multimedia games and puzzles at the Marine Mammal Headquarters.

Got turtle questions? We got the answers at Turtle Territory. If tortoises or terrapins are more your speed, don't worry. We've got them covered too. Learn everything there is to know about pets, pollution, and the future of turtles, terrapins, and tortoises.

Sport of History is where sports meets global history. Learning about social sciences has never been as easy and fun as it is with the variety of light-hearted (snark-e-cards) and serious (baseball digi-cards) online games, memes, stories, and trash-talking going on at SportOfHistory.com.


What do Adolf Hitler, Douglas MacArthur, and Sun Yat-sen have in common? Baseball, of course! Learn global history in a way you've never discovered before by collecting all of your Baseball Digi-cards.

One of the cool extras in Weaponized Baseball is learning how to break basic codes. You don't have to own a copy of the book to test your code-breaking skills with these series of coded puzzles that get increasingly more difficult. Good luck!

Love to talk trash with your favorite sports fan? Check out our exclusive Snark-E-Cards that allow you to send a belittling, but good-natured, meme to your favorite NFL or college sports fans.

Every holiday from Mother's Day to Christmas gets a sports treatment with our collection of dozens of memes that poke fun at some teams while also sharing important moments in global history in a way that's different, cool, and fun.

Your home for questions, pet problems, tips, and feature stories about any mammals that walk on four legs, 4LEGGERS.com is your one-stop location for everything from dog tips to cat-related problems and how to track, identify and avoid any wild animal. 


The Dog Center is the heart of 4LEGGERS, where dog owners and fans can learn answers to every question from what's safe to eat, how to solves doggy problems (like skunk spray!), and some of the most amazing feature stories from hidden dog parks to dogs who changed global history.

Everything you could ever need to know about bears, lions, tigers, elk, elephants and all the major four-legged mammals in the wild is in The Wildlife Center. From identifying predators based on scat and tracks to fearsome stories of encounters in the wild, to how to camp and hike safely in national parks and backcountry.

The Cat Center offers feline facts and tips to avoid diseases and other cat-related problems.

Please check back again in a couple weeks because we've got more playgrounds in the works that will debut soon!