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PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT: Shedd Aquarium low-tech creations

From 2006 to 2013 I volunteered at Shedd Aquarium, initially behind the scenes in animal husbandry before transferring into the educational department. In my latter role, I was trained to teach about marine biology to anyone on the floor. When the marketing department learned about my work with Sherpa Multimedia, I was asked to consult on various sensory projects. My favorite idea was our low-tech, but reliable exhibits.

Digital touch-screen displays were constantly breaking down, particularly at Camp Shedd, an area where children could climb into and over some equipment.
I helped design low-tech etchings that would not suffer any electronic malfunctions and were engaging. Additionally, a “passport” was designed for children to rub each etching onto. A full passport with all etchings would earn the passport owner a 10% discount in the gift shop.