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Strengthen your mindset, emotions with debut poetry collection

An Invitation to MisanthropesAn Invitation to Misanthropes: Poetry & Verses for a Century of Dissociation & Curses by Scott A. Rowan is written as much as a mental guide to help deal with behavioral problems as it is a tour of force by America’s newest literary voice.

The 34 poems contained within An Invitation to Misanthropes cover myriad topics, but at the core of most of them are lessons learned about how to deal with the entire spectrum of mental and behavioral health issues.

While the topics covered are serious, Rowan’s writing style is anything but serious. Using sarcasm and humor like Mark Twain, Rowan is able to take the sting out of the lessons learned by helping the reader laugh along the way. Combining the brevity of Emily Dickinson, the swagger of Ernest Hemingway and the street-wise knowledge of rapper Nas, Rowan is one of the nation’s most unusual literary figures. Comfortable with rap, songs, and Elizabethan sonnets, Rowan’s versatility is unparalleled in contemporary writing.