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The Cubs Quotient

The Cubs Quotient:
How the Chicago Cubs Changed the World

By Scott A. Rowan

Baseball can be more than just fun entertainment, it can help teach global history too. Many sports fans used baseball box scores and statistics to learn math, but a new book fuses together GPS software, your personal cell or e-reader and fascinating tales from history to create a hybrid book that helps get them off their couch and experience places in the real world that they read about in the book where historic moments occurred.

The Cubs Quotient: How The Chicago Cubs Changed The World entertains as much as it educates, guiding sports fans through the annals of global history. No other professional team in existence has altered the course of human evolution the way the Chicago Cubs have, as revealed through nearly 200 stories spread over 77 chapters that cover the gamut of human development from White House scandals to secret societies, from firsts in medicine, psychology, architecture, music and race relations to covert relationships with underworld figures and unknown connections to some of the notorious figures in American history.

A few of the things readers will learn in The Cubs Quotient include:

   • Jackie Robinson was not the first African-American player
   • Al Capone worked with the Cubs on several occasions and sought to buy the team
   • One of the biggest White House scandals of 20th century revolved around a Cub
   • Current American political gridlock was created by the Cubs
   • A con man and call girl blackmailed Cubs and altered the 1932 World Series
   • Sports psychology, medical science, stadium architecture advanced by Cubs
   • Modern religion (and Frank Sinatra's career) altered by North Siders
   • Both the NFL and MLB owe their existence to the Chicago Cubs

Hundreds of books and thousands of sources were scoured to unravel a history that has never been reported. The Cubs Quotient sets the record straight about many misconceptions or myths that have been taught as fact for generations, but in reality, are incorrect assumptions. The very existence today of both Major League Baseball and the National Football League is directly related to former Cubs owner Charles Taft. Jackie Robinson is remembered by millions, but forgotten in the adulation is the name of the real first African-American major leaguer (and his brother, the second) thanks to the Cubs.

The Cubs Quotient is also the first book ever published that is powered by the new publishing tool GeoVerse® that allows readers to not just read a book, but live it. Throughout The Cubs Quotient readers will find GeoVerse® entries that they can click (or access on their smartphone and/or computer if reading a traditional book) and will guide them to specific places in the real world that they can experience on their own through GPS-coded files as well as to online video and audio files.

Part sports book, part history book, part digital tour guide and part multimedia entertainment source, The Cubs Quotient is the first publication of its kind, a hybrid title that entertains and educates readers of all ages with history lessons overlooked in school.

  • 6 x 9 paperback
  • Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-0-9895003-0-2
  • $19.95  


Don't read a book, live it!

What the media has to say …

One of the most intriguing titles I’ve ever seen! … Hundreds of books have bee written about baseball, but never one that has revealed things about geopolitics!
Scott Sloan ─ radio host, Cincinnati's WLW 700 AM

Baseball fans should really check this out  (Weaponized Baseball). It is fun … and will definitely make you ask more than once, how was that able to really happen?

Gregg Kersey ─ MLB.com book reviewer

[Weaponized Baseball is] Like pulling up a bar stool and losing yourself in a fascinating conversation with the guy at the end of the bar. A few hours later you can’t believe the time has gone, but will remember the stories always! Another great read from Scott A. Rowan.

Amazon Review ─ from verified purchase (Patrice C.)

[Weaponized Baseball] a really enjoyable read, even for someone who is not a sports fan. … A must read!

Amazon review ─ from verified reader (Dragica B.)

There are thousands of Cubs books written, but this book, The Cubs Quotient, is the most unique … It’s fascinating!

Bob Sirott ─ WGN 720 AM

The Cubs Quotient is not only an entertaining read, it shows baseball for what it sometimes can be – a gateway to a larger world.”

Bob Costas ─ NBC Sports

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