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The Holiday Office Party

Short story

Not all parties are fun and games. Every December, coworkers around the world are subjected to forced socialization that bosses and office managers refer to as the "office party." But if most supervisors knew what their subordinates thought of having to sacrifice their own free time to spend an evening with colleagues they quietly despise, management would probably alter its annual plans. Welcome to the world's worst holiday office party where simmering feelings boil to the surface with raucous and hilarious results. All the people you despise the most in your office are here and they each get their justifiable ends: the Sexist Pig, the Incompetent Salesman, the Office Mouse, the Guy Who Takes The World's Longest Lunch Breaks, the Know-It-All and many more. Like the police officers called to the scene, you will not know what to expect next. And what is the deal with that rice anyway? Who ordered so much rice! You will laugh so hard you'll forget about the report due in the morning. And maybe, just maybe, you'll look at your office mates a little differently tomorrow.